Industrial Vacuum Machines

Industrial Vacuums are the ones specially designed for different industries according to the requirement. The main differences between an Industrial Vacuum and Commercial Vacuum as follows.

Industrial VacuumCommercial Vacuum
Blower / MotorInduction / Side ChannelLimited. Average 30 minutes Continuously
Continues UseYes 24 hrs, 365 daysLimited. Average 30 minutes Continuously
Motor Life10 Years or moreMax 1200 hours
Warranty for MotorYesNo. Consumable & limited time. Cannot justify how long it can be use.
Motor RepairYesCannot have to change the motor
Filter AreaLarge Filter AreasSmall Filter area. So always have to clean
Filter VarietyMany varieties, according to the industryLimited
Collection BinCan allow custom made according to requirement. Can go up to 500L evenLimited. Max average 80L
StructureVery StrongAverage
Custom MadeYes, different machines for different industryStandard
MaintenanceLow in the long runCan be high in the long run
There are different types of Industrial Vacuums specially designed for different Industries such as..

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Centralized and Online Vacuum Systems:

This is a concept where you can use one Vacuum Machine with multiple Outlets. This way we can keep the Vacuum Unit with the collection tank at one place and do a fix piping in the area where it needs to be vacuumed.

Here we can choose the machine according to:

According to the above we can select the power of the Vacuum Motor to use. Number of suction points can start from 2 up to the required amount.

Also this can be a 'Online Vacuum System', which means that the vacuum can pick up when ever the dust is creating. So there is no room to create dust at all and the environment will be clean always.

Now this system is getting very popular around the world in many different industries.

The advantages of this kind of vacuum systems are:

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