Note: We have a range of Steam Cleaning machines. You may contact us via our hotline for more information to offer the exact machine for you.

ML5 : Commercial Steam Cleaner

Commercial Steam Cleaner

Power 1.450 W,

Boiler Capacity 2.7l

Working Pressure 3.5 - 4.5 bar

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Cleaning Bathrooms

Allegra Steam and Vacuum

Steam Max Vacuum

Power 2.7 kW

Boiler 2.1 l

Pressure 4 bar

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Steam Max Vacuum : Heavy Duty Industrial Steam Cleaner

Steam Max Vacuum

Power 3 KW

Boiler Capacity 2.3l

Working Pressure 6 bar

Water Tank 5l

With Wet & Dry Vacuum

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Car Cleaning & Sanitizing with Dry Steam – CW3

Power: 10KW

Boiler: 6 l

Working Pressure: 10 bar

Water Tank: 11

Specially Design for Automobile Service Stations with 2 out lets

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