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Vectair Systems is a globally renowed leading technological manufacturer and supplier of innovative hygiene products. Vectair Systems prowess lies in the creation and manufacture of odour control, skin care, surface care, feminine hygiene sanitary disposal, infant care products as well as specialized products that improve your 'away from home' washroom experiences.

AIROMA Air Fragrance Dispenser


Dimensions: 240mm(h) x 92mm(w) x 79mm(d).

Operation: Operates on two low cost "C" cell batteries, with up to three year battery life.

Coverage: Effective in room sizes up to 200m³.

Capacity: 3000 metered sprays per fragrance refill

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SANITEX Soap Dispenser

Jet Towel Mini

Dispenser dimensions: 260mm (h) x 113mm (w) x 116mm (d).

Refill pouch: 800ml sealed pouches.

Refill capacity: Each refill has a 800+ spray/dispense capacity.

Packaging: Dispenser 1 dispenser per box.

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SANITEX Soap Refill

Jet Towel Slim

Hands stay hygienic and clean long after washing.

Three Sanitex® soap options (Two foam and one liquid) and one instant hand gel option.

All soap refills are designed to emulsify dirt, making it easier to remove from the skin in a regular hand washing process.

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SANITEX Hand Gel Refill

Jet Towel Slim

Refreshing and caring formula.

Alcohol based formula.

Hand cleaner with anti-bacterial action.

Cleans hands without the need for water.

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SOLID Air Freshener

Jet Towel Slim

Utilizes multi-phasing air freshener technology.

Refill cartridge consists of ceramic outer and inner fragrance core.

Provides continuous and consistent fragrance to large spaces.

Easily replaceable and safe to handle solid ceramic cartridge refill.

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V-FRESH Air Freshener

Jet Towel Slim

Freshens air and neutralises odours.

VOC exempt. Environmentally aware.

Non-hazardous, no restrictions when transporting and has no storage issues.

Fixes to a wide variety of hard, smooth surfaces.

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V-SCREEN Urinal Screen

Jet Towel Slim

Unique web design prevents splash back.

Innovative angled anti splash texture keeps urinal area clean.

VOC exempt. Environmentally aware.

Non-hazardous, no restrictions when transporting and has no storage issues.

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QUADRASAN_Urinal Dosing System

Jet Towel Slim

Fully programmable dispensers - Choice of number of refills per year; start time; and days of operation.

Countdown clock showing time until next dose.

Patented “I.P.E.™” facility enables users to program enhanced dosing delivery for busier periods.

Patented automatic reset button when refill is replaced.

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BABY MINDER_ Dyper Changer

Jet Towel Slim

Compact ultra slim profile.

Heavy-duty integral moulded hinges for strength & safety.

Gas-strut dampened for controlled & safe opening/closing.

Easy load integral moulded dual liner dispensers, fully encapsulated for hygiene assurance.

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