Introducing Guest Room Products

Knowing what guests need to enjoy their stay, and innovating products to enrich their experience - that’s our passion and the very heart of Emberton.

Emberton is a British owned company, with a history spanning over 25 years, dating back to the English village of Emberton. With an experienced international design and development team spending thousands of hours as guests, Emberton innovate and develop guest room products for the global hotel industry.

Design, Innovation and creativity is our mission, with safety, robustness and reliability all built into a professional range of guest room products to meet the toughest guests.

Special highlights of Emberton Products are:


1000W Steam Iron Heartford

  • 1000W Steam Iron Heartford
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1600W Steam Iron Havant Delux

  • 1600W Steam Iron Havant Delux
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2000W Dry Iron Yardley

  • 2000W Dry Iron Yardley
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Rothwell Ironing Board

Ironing Centre System

Iron Board Holder (Hyde)


Corsham 1.0L Kettle

  • Corsham 1.0L Kettle
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Guildford 0.8L Plastic Kettle

  • Guildford 0.8L Plastic Kettle
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Kettle 1L SS Hazeley

  • Kettle 1L SS Hazeley
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Malvern 0.5L Kettle

  • Malvern 0.5L Kettle
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ABS Walton

  • ABS Walton
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bamboo Tongwel

  • bamboo Tongwel
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Halstead Intergrated

  • Halstead Intergrated
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Hair Drier 1600W Folding Harrow

  • Hair Drier 1600W Folding Harrow
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Hair Drier 1800W Salford Deluxe

  • Hair Drier 1800W Salford Deluxe
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Hair Drier Bag Lathbury

  • Hair Drier Bag Lathbury
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Harrow Hari Drier White

  • Harrow Hari Drier White
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Holder Hair Drier Mursley

  • Holder Hair Drier Mursley
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Thames Hair Drier

  • Thames Hair Drier
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Ashton Digital Scale

  • Ashton Digital Scale
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Our Suppliers

The success of our suppliers is a clear reflection of our success. We're proud to offer a product range that is globally renowned and is of outstanding quality and durability. The fact that we offer brands that are the best ensures that customer satisfaction is an absolute promise.